Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Topsail Island, NC 2016

Every two years (we've been doing it for 18ish years!), my Mom's family rents beach houses right on the beach and we party for a week.  This year we had about 85 people there-- and there were a couple of people missing! We are so grateful for my Grandpa Monk and his wife Nancy for allowing us to go there and for giving us our awesome family. It is heaven on earth. And thanks to my sister Amber for taking all of these pictures!

 Eliza and cousin Jack.  This makes my heart explode just a little.
 Too cool.  Actually too pale.  Our pour fair children.
 Eliza wasn't a huge fan of the actual water, but she LOVED the sand.  She made sand castles, dug LOTS of holes, and played with cousins.
 Cousin Jane and Aunt Nikki.  I think Eliza could live with these two for the rest of her life and not look back at all. 

 This one, on the other hand, LOVED the water.  She is our fearless child, and we knew she'd be a handful.  She really doesn't walk, she runs, and she is the queen of changing her direction last minute.  She had Andrew and me on our toes, but we're so glad she loved it!

 My dad does a summer Olympics with all the kids (this is just Eliza and Jack in one of the races).  She got a gold metal! Woohoo! (So did everyone else. ;) )
 Utah is too far away!!

 Isn't this view unreal?! Night time was pure heaven.
 Eliza with Aunt Amber.  Master babysitter/picture taker.
 My siblings! It had been a really long time since we were all together, with my brother and sister's missions. I'm so proud of each one of them!
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