Sunday, August 28, 2011


After working on de-cluttering our house, we came across some pillows that came with our new couches...

Andrew: But what are we going to do with all of these red pillows?

Erica: What red pillows?

Andrew: These right here! (Pointing)

Erica: You mean the black pillows?

Andrew: (Looks closer) Oh yeah.

I just hope our children don't fail preschool because Andrew's teaching them their colors.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Josh's Grad Party

A week (or 2?) before Josh graduated, my family had a graduation party for him (as is tradition in Minnesota). It was great. I can't believe my mom has done 4 of these!

The Josh Shrine.
Yummy food.
Andrew was the cake-serving master.
I think this was actually the week that Josh graduated. Trevor, Heather's then fiancee, came to visit. The boys initiated him into the family by the traditional burning of the Christmas tree. When Andrew came out to visit when we were dating, Josh, Dad, and Andrew burned two Christmas trees in the backyard. The flames seriously were 5 times higher than this one. It was a great bonding experience for them. ;)

More pictures to come-- This is just the beginning of the summer!

Josh's Graduation

My brother graduated from high school! How could this be?! He heads out to BYU next week, and I'm in denial. But he'll love it. Josh with my parents.

Oops, not the best pic of Josh. From left: Andrew, me, Amber, Josh, Nikki, Heather, and Trevor (the newest member of our family as of 8/13/11).
I don't know where he is, but he's in there.
Right after they called his name. Yay for Josh!