Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We had a ward Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday-- Eliza's first trick-or-treat experience.  She pretty much hated being in her costume, but she looked pretty darn cute in it!

 Eliza was an ear of corn, and Andrew the farmer (even though he looks more like Huck Finn...)
 I know I look like a pink devil kind of thing, but I'm supposed to be a pig.  We're an Iowa Farm!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting bigger

 Guess how old Eliza is!
 You got it!

 She's entered the cell phone/remote phase.
And is as cute as ever! 

She is: 
sitting on her own
eating all sorts of food, and discovering how to use a sippy cup
giggling and more ticklish
teething? maybe? is that why she's fussy?
loves playing Peek-a-Boo
loves to look at her picture books
rolls all over the place
calms down almost immediately when we sing "Bingo." I feel like sometimes I start singing that without even thinking about it.
so much fun!

Apple Pickin' Fun

 Andrew's schedule has been kind of crazy this fall, so when he had a day off, we hurried to a near by apple orchard, Wilson's.  It was a pretty, cool night, and we're not quite sure what Eliza thought of it all.  We'll just have to try again next year!

 There were lots of cute pumpkins. Including our little pumpkin, of course.

 See! Andrew was there.

 Trees, trees everywhere, but no apples to eat!

 The ONLY apple we found, and it was on the ground.
We love fall!