Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long time, no see!

Well, I'm home sick today, so I figured I had NO excuse not to post on our forsaken blog. Life has been pretty crazy lately with Andrew applying to med. schools and flying out for interviews, and me teaching school. We are happy being busy though! Recently though we've both caught the flu, which has forced us to slow down. We are ready to get back to normal.
Last week, Andrew and I were able to go out to Maryland for one of Andrew's med school interviews during my school's Fall Break! It was perfect timing! We left Wednesday right after school and got back Monday night. We'll find out in about a month if Andrew got in! We got to spend more time with Andrew's family and had a great time. It was pretty rainy and cold though, so we are lacking in the picture area. Here are a few though:

Us on the Metro! We were on our way up to D.C. to the National Archives. We saw the Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta, and all those cool things.

We could NOT believe they have an OBAMA shop! How bizarre is that?! Never in a million years would you see a "Bush Shop." Wow. That's all we had to say. Of course we needed a picture. You can't see it, but behind me is a cardboard cut-out of President Obama.

We are grateful that everything worked out perfectly for this trip! Maryland/D.C./Virginia is such a cool place!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

San Francisco!

We got to go to the crazy city of San Francisco! We loved it there, but spent a chunk of our time there trying to figure out their crazy streets! We even got to see Wicked there!! It was Andrew's first time and my fourth! Wow-- a little too many times. It was great though, and we had fun with my family there as well!

Here we are at Fisherman's Whaf/ Pier 39. We got yummy clam chowder in a bread bowl, and saw the sealions! Excuse my huge honking bag.

They're just chillaxin.'

At Wicked! Woohoo!

At Ghirardelli Square! We had a yummy hot fudge sundae there. Behind Andrew is a machine that makes chocolate.

Lombard Street. The crooked-est street in the world. People LIVE on it!

We stopped by the Oakland Temple to see the awesome view of the Bay Area. It's an awesome temple! Andrew's Dad grew up in Oakland, so we went to check it out!

Andrew's cute little cousins, Sam and Michael. We loved staying with them! They are such an awesome family.

Whew! All done.

California Trip!

We went to California a week or so ago to visit family and celebrate Andrew and my birthday, as well as our 6 month anniversary! It was Andrew's first trip to California, so we had a great time. The car ride was a bit longer than we expected, but we read Fablehaven on the way there and back-it's a cute book! So we went to Sacramento where Andrew's Aunt and Uncle Rolph live, and we stayed with them. My Aunt and Uncle Denna live there too, so we saw them a lot too! My immediate family came out to the west--California first and then Utah, for a family reunion. ANYWAYS, here are pics!

Here's Andrew at Muir Woods. It was a mini Redwood forest. Really beautiful, huge trees.
On our ride up, we saw Erica Road! Of course, I needed a picture!

What a sad little blog we have!

Here we are again. I make no promises that we'll be consistent bloggers, but so much has happened since the last post, that I finally caved in! Like I said before, we got to go to the Tulip Festival in April. It is so beautiful--if any of you haven't gone before, GO! So worth it. Here are some pics:

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I totally graduated last week! It's really surreal to finally be done with everything. Now it's off for the job search... It's a tough search! Andrew and I are enjoying our school free time for now. He's off to take the MCAT tomorrow in Salt Lake City. He was going to take it two weeks ago, but the testing center was CLOSED due to "technical difficulty." I think it might have been the first time in history that the MCAT was canceled!

Anyways, today to help Andrew relax, we went up to the Tulip Festival. If you haven't gone, you NEED to go. It's like heaven on earth. The weather was perfect and we have a wonderful time! Pictures to come!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're back!

Alright, now that student teaching is DONE, I have no excuse for not being a more dedicated blogger! Life has been good for us. We got our wedding pictures!! Woohoo!! Very exciting. Andrew is also taking the MCAT this Saturday, so he's been cramming all this week. He is such a hard worker! All the stuff he has to know is incredible.

Today it SNOWED. In April. I don't know why I'm surprised...Minnesota is cold too. I read that someone put that Provo's weather is just as predictable as a girl's mood, and I thought that was pretty funny and true. I hope that the weather gets a bit more predictable though.

Well, there goes my first official blogging. Hopefully I'll have more to blog in the future :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are bloggers!

We finally caved and started our own blog! We are excited to start doing more and more married things! Woohoo! Life is good for us. I just finished my first block in student teaching, and Andrew is getting read for the MCAT/medical school. We are sad to say that we do not have any wedding pictures to post. We just figured out that it won't be another month til we get them! Anyways, life is good.