Thursday, July 9, 2009

California Trip!

We went to California a week or so ago to visit family and celebrate Andrew and my birthday, as well as our 6 month anniversary! It was Andrew's first trip to California, so we had a great time. The car ride was a bit longer than we expected, but we read Fablehaven on the way there and back-it's a cute book! So we went to Sacramento where Andrew's Aunt and Uncle Rolph live, and we stayed with them. My Aunt and Uncle Denna live there too, so we saw them a lot too! My immediate family came out to the west--California first and then Utah, for a family reunion. ANYWAYS, here are pics!

Here's Andrew at Muir Woods. It was a mini Redwood forest. Really beautiful, huge trees.
On our ride up, we saw Erica Road! Of course, I needed a picture!

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