Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Johnny Appleseed

 This is kind of late, but we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday last month at our apple orchard.  Actually, we had no idea it was his bday until we got there and it was PACKED.  It was a perfect fall day, and we got some good apples.
 Iowa and BYU pride.

 Sorry for the picture overload! I couldn't decide which ones to cut, so here are a bajillion pictures.

These two are just the cutest.

 Eliza's interesting apple-eating technique.

 "Its really good, Dad. Trust me, I was just chewing on it."


 Eliza was a fan of all the gross ones on the ground.

 This is the life!

 Fall is the absolute best.  It is so much fun watching Eliza enjoy all of our favorite traditions.