Thursday, April 30, 2009


I totally graduated last week! It's really surreal to finally be done with everything. Now it's off for the job search... It's a tough search! Andrew and I are enjoying our school free time for now. He's off to take the MCAT tomorrow in Salt Lake City. He was going to take it two weeks ago, but the testing center was CLOSED due to "technical difficulty." I think it might have been the first time in history that the MCAT was canceled!

Anyways, today to help Andrew relax, we went up to the Tulip Festival. If you haven't gone, you NEED to go. It's like heaven on earth. The weather was perfect and we have a wonderful time! Pictures to come!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're back!

Alright, now that student teaching is DONE, I have no excuse for not being a more dedicated blogger! Life has been good for us. We got our wedding pictures!! Woohoo!! Very exciting. Andrew is also taking the MCAT this Saturday, so he's been cramming all this week. He is such a hard worker! All the stuff he has to know is incredible.

Today it SNOWED. In April. I don't know why I'm surprised...Minnesota is cold too. I read that someone put that Provo's weather is just as predictable as a girl's mood, and I thought that was pretty funny and true. I hope that the weather gets a bit more predictable though.

Well, there goes my first official blogging. Hopefully I'll have more to blog in the future :)