Friday, June 11, 2010

Runaway Frogs

So we got some water frogs for my classroom. I would occasionally take them home over the weekend, and Andrew and I noticed these poor frogs trying to dig holes to escape out of their tank. Ha! They will be very let down if they ever dig a hole to the bottom. They must so bored in that little tank. Maybe someday, we'll liberate them.

Graduation, End of School, and Moving On!!

I am a super lazy blogger. I have no excuse! Andrew is graduated, and I am officially done with teaching 3rd grade. We finally know where we are going to go...kind of. We know we are moving. Andrew got into the Master of Public Health program and the University of Iowa--closer to my family. It's our back up plan. We are hoping that Andrew will get into either the medical school in Iowa or Wisconsin later this summer, so we are waiting in Minnesota with my family until we hear. We are SO glad that we can finally make plans to move. Our contract sold unbelievably fast. We feel so blessed! We are also very excited to live with my family for a while--We haven't been there for over a year!!

Cousins John and Andrew with their parents. Woohoo!!
Andrew's family, minus Jacob.
Andrew and his cousin John Peterson (far left), and his brother Matt and sister Lydia after graduation.
Andrew and I before graduation.