Friday, January 27, 2012

Belly pics!

The long awaited belly pics! We are alive and well and I have no idea why what I'm writing is underlined! Maybe our blog just knows how excited we are for our little girl to get here, so it added it for emphasis.

Anyways. We had been slacking on taking pictures of my growing belly, especially when I really wasn't showing very much. She is growing and kicking and we love her so much!

26 Weeks

31 Weeks (Sorry for the big time gap)

33 Weeks! (We finally realized that this background is much more visually appealing.)
These aren't the most flattering of me, but I love seeing the progress she is making. We feel so unbelievably blessed to have this great blessing coming so soon! I am now 34 weeks! How did that happen?!

Andrew is enjoying his classes. I can tell he already loves our little girl so much-- I can't wait to see him as her daddy. I'm still subbing a bit during the week. I love when kids ask if I am pregnant-- it's helped me bond quickly with the students since I'm usually just there for a day or less.

Lately I've been so focused on her just getting here. The other day I realized that I really love being pregnant, and I'm going to miss it! Don't get me wrong, I CANNOT wait for her to come! I just need to appreciate and enjoy this stage. It's so fun to feel her move and start to get to know her.

We are so, so happy!