Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A week or so ago, Eliza and I were going a little crazy on a rainy day without a car.  I whipped out crayons that I had from when I was teaching, and Eliza loved them! 

 I was in shock that she figured out where the crayon is supposed to go! What a natural.
 Right before she went for the camera.

 So focused. She even got a couple of little marks on the paper every once in a while.

 How is the world can she balance like that? Let alone draw?
So proud.


Easter was forever ago! Here are some cute pictures of our little one on Easter Sunday.

 Outfit courtesy of Uncle Matt.

Crazy how fast time flies by! Eliza was just barely a month old last Easter... She's still pretty darn cute, just with a few more opinions and tricks up her sleeve.