Sunday, August 28, 2011


After working on de-cluttering our house, we came across some pillows that came with our new couches...

Andrew: But what are we going to do with all of these red pillows?

Erica: What red pillows?

Andrew: These right here! (Pointing)

Erica: You mean the black pillows?

Andrew: (Looks closer) Oh yeah.

I just hope our children don't fail preschool because Andrew's teaching them their colors.


  1. Do doctors have to tell between red and black? If he goes into surgery he might want to hire an assistant. Personally, I'd love to get paid to just stand there and tell someone what's red and what's black. I'm sure your kids will be fine!

  2. hahahahaha - maybe its late- but I cant stop laughing as I picture this scene. thanks for sharing!


  3. None of my boys are color blind and I think it has to come through the mother. Something about one of those sex-linked genes. So you may have grandsons who are colorblind, but isn't it fun to think about what your children will be like! Congratulations a million times if I haven't already told you! I'm assuming all is still well and that it's ok to say that here :)