Friday, March 18, 2016

Random catch-up

We are majorly behind, so I'll do a quick upload of some random pictures from the summer.  :)

Fourth of July!

 Fourth of July bike parade in our neighborhood. I chose her skirt, and she chose her shirt...

 Cutest Abby at 6 months old! Rolling, laughing, eating baby food, and her personality is really starting to come out!

 Eliza is such a great big sister. When Abby can start talking back to Eliza, I think it will be the greatest day of Eliza's life.  She says multiple times a day, "I just LOVE having a sister!"
 First try of baby food.   Abby is an eating CHAMP. She even ate the meat baby food. Yuck.

 Eliza was always at the very bottom of the charts for weight and height (not for her head though-- she has one big noggin').  Abby on the other hand has been around the 50-70% for weight and height since she was little.  When the doctors first told us that she was 75% for height at 2 months, Andrew and I laughed because we thought she was joking.

 Preschool!! Eliza is doing a joy school with some friends and she is also doing a preschool with Miss Jenny-- our neighbor that teaches preschool in her basement.  She loves it and has really thrived this year.

Abby at 7 months! She is CRAWLING.  Abby is SO MUCH FUN and pretty mischievous.  She is such a blessing in our lives and keeps up busy!

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  1. Your girls are so stinkin cute. Abby has the biggest, brightest eyes. You are right, Eliza is going to LOVE it when Abby can start interacting and playing with her. And so will you. :) I'm so glad you posted! Made my day. Keep them coming! 😀