Monday, January 9, 2017

Family Pictures 2016

 Every year I wait til the last minute to schedule family pictures, and it is always a stressful experience (Abby wanted our photographer/friend/neighbor to hold her the whole time). A lot of bribery went into these pictures!!  But every year I am so glad to have these amazing pictures to capture this time in our lives!

 Abby.  She will be 2 in January, but she thinks she's as old as Eliza.  She loves to dress up with Eliza, run/gallop everywhere she goes, sing "Popcorn Popping," play playdoh, watch Frozen, say "mine" and "NO!", and play with her baby.  She's starting to say more and more, and we love hearing what she has to say! She has trouble with sharing and grabbing/hitting now. She has the biggest smile around and has so much energy and zest for life! We love our Abby!

 Pictures with the girls and Andrew are always my favorite! I can't believe we'll be adding another girl in March!

 I think this is one of few pictures of Andrew and I that I like! :) We just celebrated 8 years of marriage, and it feels good! Its amazing to look back and realize how much we have done together. We both graduated from college, I taught/subbed in Elementary school for a couple of years, Andrew graduated medical school, we have 2 1/2 daughters, and we are getting so close to him being done with his anesthesia residency (June 2018)! We have really been blessed, and we know we owe all of our blessings to our Heavenly Father.

Eliza! She will be 5 in March, and I am so grateful to have such a great helper when baby #3 comes in March.  She is so much like me, and most of the times it helps both of us, and other times with makes us pretty frustrated with each other! ;) Our family is so blessed to have her as our oldest.  She is kind, smart, thoughtful, and really wants to do what's right. She loves reading, puzzles, dress up, ballet, Moana, Elena of Avalor, singing, and playing with her friends. Sharing and waiting are hard for her right now (especially with her sister). She is starting to read and is good at focusing on things, like puzzles and different projects (got that from her dad, definitely not me!). We love our Eliza!

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