Friday, April 13, 2012

Facts about our little one

We are loving our little girl! We cannot believe that she is going to be 6 weeks on Tuesday. It seems like some days are long, but the weeks have been flying by. I'm not sure how that works. Its amazing/fun/sad how much she's grown in the past few weeks. When I think about the day she was born, I'm forgetting how much of a whirlwind it was, and remembering all of the sweet moments I wish I could go back to. Andrew said the other day, "Can you imagine not having Eliza?" And I can't.
Fun facts about our little girl:
  • She has strawberry blonde hair! And lots of it! (Except for in the front...) Andrew and I were a little shocked when we first saw it-- we were definitely expecting her either to be bald or have white blonde hair (which we both did). I definitely have red-heads on my side of the family (its pretty much the same color as my sister's), so we know it came from somewhere. It is so cute! It'll probably eventually turn blonde, but you never know!
  • She loves her binkie. A lot.
  • She's starting to make fun sounds-- cooing and grunting and all sorts of noises. Its the best.
  • We think she's smiling at us now. It seems to be more than just gas.
  • She is really good at focusing on things, and we can tell when she is looking at us.
  • She loves to move-- which I guess I knew when I was pregnant with her. She's definitely discovering her arms and legs and loves to lay on the floor and stretch them all out.
  • She loves to look at our blinds and out our porch window. It seems like she's entranced when she's facing them. Simple pleasures!
  • She's fitting into her 0-3 month clothes! It's crazy to see clothes getting too small for her-- I guess she really is growing! I have a hard time believing that we're doing enough to keep her alive AND help her grow.
  • She loves her Dad, and I'm pretty sure she prefers him to me.

Pictures coming soon! We have lots-- I just need Andrew's computer...

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  1. Fun post! It's amazing how fast babies change, and it's fun to record it before you forget. We need more pictures please! :)