Monday, April 16, 2012

Eliza's First Month

Our cute little girl.

Eliza NOT freaking out during her bath-- she actually likes it now. As far as we can tell.

Eliza's first walk-- we were pretty excited, and I was pretty excited to get out of the apartment.
A cute little sweatshirt one of my dad's coworkers gave to us. I'd say that this is a pretty guilty looking waskly-wabbit.

Her first tummy time! She turned her head TWICE-- we thought it was pretty amazing.
I can't figure out how to turn this-- sorry! But this is our first outing to the mall. It was a big deal for us!
Eliza at 4 weeks! My family was in town this week and we had fun dressing her up. Unfortunately she blew out of this outfit later that day. You can kind of tell from this picture that she had plans of her own.

Something must have been yucky.
Sorry for all of the pictures of the 1 month shot. I couldn't choose!
This was on Easter Sunday.

Her first outfit to church! And her Easter dress. Life sure is great with her around!


  1. she is so beautiful :) congratulations again!

  2. Oh my goodness Erica, she is precious!

  3. So adorable. I cant' wait to see her again on Thursday!!

  4. I love her so much!!!! The most beautiful niece ever. :) can't wait to kiss those cheeks!

  5. pictures! yay! I LOVE the jacket with the bunny ears. That is just too cute! The one month pictures are great and the "yucky" face is the best! I'm sure she doesn't prefer Andrew to you- she probably just acts interested when he's around because she doesn't get to see him as often. She'd do the same to you if you were gone all day. :)