Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More from MinnneSNOWta

We had a great little getaway up in Minnesota at the end of March.  We had been enjoying some warmer weather in Omaha before we left, and when we got to Minnesota there was SNOW! And lots of it. 

 We were there right before Easter, so we got to decorate eggs with Heather and Trevor!

 Not just any Easter eggs... Princess Easter eggs.
 Heather practicing her baby skills before her baby came.

 Eliza LOVES the book/show "Room on the Broom."  When she found Uncle Josh's "Nimbus 2000," there was a lot of excitement going on.  She has her wand, her witch's costume, and a broom-- finally! Our broom at home was causing too much damage... If you haven't read the book, its a cute one! (And the show is on Netflix.)
 After the snow thawed, we went out to play some baseball with Dad and Grandpa. We used a wiffle ball, and she actually hit the ball a few times. 

I just want to bottle up nights like these.

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