Sunday, June 28, 2015

Abby 3 months and Eliza's Dance Recital

 Goodness she's cute! Abby's personality is starting to come through, and she is a spunky one! At 3 months she can:
-smile and coo
-grab her toes and put her hands together
-grab at objects on her play mat
-roll from her tummy to her back

In April, Eliza had her dance recital! It was hilarious/adorable. The 2 year old class danced to "I Wish I Were a Princess," and they did great during their dress rehearsal and kind of lost interest during the actual recital.  I was so proud of Eliza though (second from left).  She did a great job following her teachers and LOVE LOVE LOVED her dance class.

 Eliza with her dance buddies.
 How is she old enough to be in a dance class?!
Eliza with her dance teachers. Its so fun to see Eliza learn and grow!

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  1. Holy adorable! I would have DIED watching that dance recital. Just the pictures kill me. I hope you got a video. Those pictures of Abby sure are cute, too.