Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eliza turns three!

 On March 6, Eliza turned THREE!! What a goof. She is smart, spunky, strong-willed, loving, nurturing, sweet and very much a princess.  I can hardly believe that it was only 3 years ago that she came into our world and made us parents.  Having little Abby around reminds us how fast time really has gone and how much she has grown. 
 Eliza's version of 3. It wouldn't be a birthday without Daddy making a yummy breakfast!

 We had her party the day after her birthday, so we had to have cake on her actual birthday too!
 I'm sure everyone would be surprised (not) that she wanted a princess birthday party. We are totally spoiled and have 3 girls Eliza's age as our neighbors (one right next door!). They all dressed up, and had more fun doing "Ring Around the Rosie" and playing with Eliza's toys than the activities I had planned. 

 Princesses-- check
Friends-- check
Cake-- check
Presents-- check
One happy Eliza.
 Making princess crowns.

Eliza's princess cake. I was lazy (or I had a newborn...), so we had HyVee make her a cake, and it was awesome.  The princesses actually look pretty scary if you look close up (their eyes and lips got painted on off center or something), but Eliza loved it!

We sure do love Eliza.  We are grateful every day, tantrums and sweet kisses and all, for our little three year old.  She has pretty killer dance moves and makes up the best songs (about pears, rainbows, and whatever else comes to her mind). She would wear dress up all day every day if she could, and she LOVES her baby sister. She has such a big heart.


  1. Ah, Happy Birthday ELIZA! What a sweetheart. That looks like a super duper fun princess party! Are you ready for year 3? It's a doozy but fun, too. :)

  2. I'm so bad at remembering to check your blog. Looks like Eliza had an amazing birthday! Gosh we miss you guys! Just today as we were driving Kate randomly said, "Mom I miss Eliza...and Tatum. Can we go back to Omaha and visit?" Hope things are going well. We love you! Love, Hayley