Monday, January 7, 2013

Catching Up- 8 Months

Well, I guess the only excuse that I have for not blogging for a while is that...we had a really great Christmas break! I have a lot of pictures to look through-- Eliza is 10 months now, for crying outloud! I have no idea how that happened.  She is so much fun and learning new things everyday.  I'll do a seperate post on her being 10 months though.  For now, I have a little catching up to do...

 On Eliza's first Halloween!

 Our cute little punkin'

 8 months! She was very mobile at this point, so these are the only good pictures I could get, believe it or not.

 In her big girl high chair! Starting to pick things up and self-feed.
Eliza started to CRAWL at 8 1/2 months-- right before Thanksgiving. She is always on the move!

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  1. She is so gosh-darn cute! Thanks for posting :)