Friday, January 11, 2013

10 Months!

Holy cow.  How did Eliza get to be 10 months?! I don't want to even think about her being one yet.  She is learning so much and is so much fun! Here are some pics from a photo shoot we had last weekend. Luckily, Andrew was there to help distract her for this one, so we got more than 5 pictures. Oh, and by the way, Eliza was majorly spoiled by her family over the break-- hence this cute outfit from Andrew's sister. 

 Look at that cute face!
 The only picture with that sign where she wasn't eating the paper.

Just so you can see the whole outfit. 

We love our Eliza to pieces.  Here are some things about Eliza:

  • She is pulling herself up to standing, and pretty much always wants to be standing now.  
  • Loves crawling and is getting into all sorts of things she shouldn't.  Nothing like a mobile baby to help you get rid of clutter around the house!
  • She can walk along the couch, and she stood for a few seconds the other day. Ah! Not ready!
  • She LOVES to eat non "baby food."  Especially bananas, pears, bread, baby cheese puffs, yogurt, cheese, mandarin oranges, Cheerios.  She'll eat baby food too.
  • She's starting to dance/ bounce to music when we put it on. It is SO CUTE.  She especially loves One Directions songs.
  • She nods her head a lot-- we think just because she sees us do it.
  • She is a talker.  No real words or anything, but she sure likes to babble.
  • Lately she has been looking at us and saying "Uh?" like "huh?'
  • She is waving! Mostly when we say "night-night" or "bye-bye,"  but sometimes she does it randomly.
  • We're not sure if she is trying to clap or do one of the motions for "Wheels on the Bus"  (round and round) but it sure is cute!
  • Loves dogs-- Went straight for my family's dog whenever she saw him over the break.
  • Still NO teeth! We just want them to break through already-- we definitely can tell that her gums are bugging her.
Happy Friday! :)


  1. No teeth at 10 months is quite normal so don't get too stressed about it. In the meantime, enjoy the no teeth for a while. Once they come through it can be a nightmare -- crankiness, fevers, pain, sleepless nights, etc. :)

  2. Thanks for all the fun pictures! Eliza is adorable. Love you guys!