Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Windy (and delicious) City

Andrew and I went on an adventure to Chicago! We had a blast, and had a LOT of great food. Looking at the pictures we took, I realized that pretty much all of our pictures were about food.

Ghiradelli sundae. Need I say more?

Hershey's Chicago. This bar was like $40 or something ridiculous.

A cute Swedish restaurant that had a delicious breakfast.

Andrew very happy. He's giving two thumbs up by the way.

Oh yeah, and we saw Blue Man Group. It was a very different experience-- we liked it, but it was pretty weird. We also walked around Magnificent Mile, which was so fun. I love walking down streets like that in big cities. We will definitely go back again!


  1. I'm throwing this out there... We're only 4-5 hours away from Chicago... SO we should meet up in Chicago sometime! OR you should just drive those extra 4-5 hours and come see us!! Or visa-versa!

  2. Somehow food on vacation is so much fun. You don't have to cook it and it tastes way better than stuff I make at home. You guys probably make tasty stuff all the time, but I could really use one of those sundaes right about now! So fun you went on a little trip. I used to love doing that with Josh! We have so many fun memories of little trips like that for one or two days.