Saturday, September 11, 2010

This summer my family got to go to our Monk Family Reunion (on my mom's side). This happens every other summer. Last time we were at the beach, Andrew came down from Maryland to see me...and meet my family for the first time. It was pretty awkward. This time it was WONDERFUL! It was the first time since Natalie and Alex's wedding that we were all together. I am r bummed that I don't have very many pictures from the beach! Here are a few from our family photo shoot:

I guess you could say we inherited our mother's good looks.

Wait for it...

Running action shot.

My family's next Christmas card.

We had a fantastic time!
There were 3 beach houses RIGHT on the beach.
We relaxed, ate, and boogie boarded all day.
We also had a fun skit night, Olympics, music night... so fun.

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