Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well, better late than never, right? Andrew is just finishing up his interviews for residency next year, so hopefully we can get back to normal life pretty soon! And that means not being 4 months behind on our blog.

Eliza was an owl for Halloween! She loves to find owls and say, "Whoo!", so we figured she'd make a pretty cute owl.  And we were right!

Here we are at our ward Halloween party.  Eliza didn't completely get it, but she definitely got that there were a lot of treats that she could eat.

 Candy! This picture's my favorite. 
 There was a little "parade" on the stage for the kids to show off their costumes.  I think they were pretty confused!

 It was pretty awesome!
 Outside at the Trunk-r-Treat.  Eliza loved it! She has a sweet tooth, just like her Daddy!


  1. Erica! What is your husband doing his residency in? My husband is finishing interviews right now, too-- orthopedics. We've been doing away rotations for the last 4 months and will finally be heading home next week. (4 months is a long time to live out of a suitcase!) Good luck with interviews and matching!

    1. Hey Natalie! I'm so glad you guys are almost done too! I can only imagine being away from home for that long too-- so exhausting! Andrew is doing anesthesia. Good luck to you guys too! Can't wait to hear where you guys end up!

  2. She is so darling! Also, the picture in your header is gorgeous. Your blonde hair is stunning against your soft, pink coat. Seriously. Also, do you know where you are going???

  3. Hey Ashley! Thanks so much. And we don't know yet! We'll find out at the end of March, so we'll keep you guys posted. :)