Friday, February 1, 2013

Cousin Time

Eliza was lucky enough to spend time with a cousin on each side of the family this Christmas.  She is older than both of them, but much smaller.  She still managed to steal some toys from them though, and maybe occasionally sit on them. 

With cousin Jack Madsen (Erica's side of the family).  He is 7 weeks younger than Eliza, but they were both mobile and loved exploring everything! Especially my family's dog.

On Andrew's side, cousin Noah is about 4 months younger than Eliza! He is a roller, and Eliza took advantage of that.  Poor Noah! He was a good sport.

 Almost holding hands!
 Back with cousin Jack! Jack put up with Eliza too. 

Just a little too cute.

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  1. just a little WAY too cute! I love the pigtails! Your camera sure takes great pictures. I love it when you post because I feel like I don't get to see you enough! Especially when the weather is lame and ruins our plans. :(