Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Vaca!

Andrew and I experienced something this year that we haven't for a long time: SPRING BREAK! Wow, it is such a great thing! BYU should really think about having one. Andrew missed a little bit of school on during my school's spring break. We had so much fun! It was much needed. We decided, with the help of a friend, to go to Monterey, California. It was perfect, relaxing, and really helped us put things back into perspective.

Here's a picture of us walking around in Carmel. This was a super ritzy place full of cute little shops.

Awesome jelly fish!! The Monterey Aquarium was amazing. Who knew there are so many jellyfish! These reminded me of Finding Nemo.A sunset at a beach in Pacific Grove. It was beautiful and freezing cold.
Here we are riding a surrey on a bike path along the coast. It was so fun to just relax with Andrew and site see.
Such a pretty place! This was at Lover's Point. Oh yeah.
Us at Lover's Point.
We are so lucky to be able to go to California and have quality time together!


  1. hey! i just found your blog and we went to SF a couple weeks ago! so fun!

  2. Those are some happy faces! Vacation is good for the soul and for the marriage. Glad you guys stopped by on your drive home! Let us know when you're heading out to IA. I forgot already. We're going to Utah for July 4 and it would be fun to see you since we don't know when the next time will be!